Weekend Update! Yippee!!

I'm focusing on game dev over art right now. Now that I understand a lick of Godot it's giving me that dopamine hit baby!!!

So what've I done this weekend, gamedev wise?

I can't exactly remember the state my platformer was the other day, so I'm assuming I ended at implementing moving platforms and hittable coin blocks.

I added double jumping! Now well, you can double jump. If you jump then try to jump again, I will allow you to do it one (1) time. Likewise, if you fall off a platform and are plumetting, you can have one (1) free jump to try and salvage your horrible fate! It successfully resets once you next touch the ground! I have encountered no issues with this with the game in it's current state!!

I added the slime enemy back from the tutorial! He walks along the ground and changes directions when hitting the walls. Sadly he also is moveable by the player character and since you can't die you can kinda bully him around and shove him out of his enclosure. I'm 99% sure I know the solution to this but it involves me rearranging all my collision layers and I just don't wanna do that right now! It is currently water off my back. I am zen with the state of the enemy.

I've added a UI! It lets you know how many coins you have and what your hp is at! It stays comfortably with your camera as a UI should. When you collect a coin, it lets you know by going up! wow! When you get hit by the enemy, it lets you know by your hp going down! Oh no! But good job UI!

Getting hit will put you in your damaged animation. There's no jumping damaged animation so I haven't altered the jump but when you're on ground wow you'll know you took damage! You're also in an invincible state for a small amount of time after being hit so your hp won't suddenly go from 3 to -10 while you try to stop touching the slime.

There's no death state for having minus hp right now. If you jump down the pit you will restart the game as that's a fail state, but losing your hp doesn't trigger that yet. I was more focused on the interaction between you, the slime, and the UI hp counter that I haven't dealt with implementing the death state yet. Learning about composition and how to have objects affect each other is my biggest priority, and I have a feel for it!! I think!!

Oh yeah. There's also bgm(just the cave story labyrinth track lmao) and a lil sound effect when you jump!

On the other side of things, the best way to improve programming and whatever is to make small useful projects right? So, that's what I'm trying to do! Let myself tinker with small ideas!

I've moved my work area back to my pc area for a time, and while I work I've been crafting or gathering in the diadem. The diadem I only care about one weather pattern, but still take advantage of the others. Essentially what you need to know is that the weather has a chance to change every 5 minutes, and if you afk for 10 minutes they kick you out.

So, I made a lil program that just beeps at me once every 5 minutes so I can peek at the weather and move myself to reset the kick timer. It has an on screen timer counting up just so I know it's all working and how long it's been since the last beep.

My to do for it is to:

Now, the timer is most effective when I start is at times like, 12:00, or 12:05, for obvious reasons. The diadem runs off 5 minute real world increments afterall! I uhhhhh have no idea how to tie things to real time yet! That feels a bit advanced for baby me at the moment! So having a way to manually reset it would help get me on a proper rotation if i start it at literally any other time that isn't 0 or 5. I actually already had this implemented around the start but discarded it along the way as I got it more refined, so it'll be easy to put it back in!

Right now, the clock on screen is mostly using code I borrowed from a tutorial I did a while ago so I can't lay too much claim to it lmao. So my goal with that is to go back over the code to get a better understanding of it and remix it so the clock will reset to 0 at the max time for beeps.

Adding buttons to increase or decrease the time will also allow me to utilize this for different purposes if I need a quick solution. I do use a pomodoro timer for my general work so if I can figure this out then I can probably just make my own pomodoro program instead of relying on the one online I use! I could then have it actively track how many sessions I've done a day and stuff, ya know? Yippee!

Anyways here's the link to my platformer progress if you wanna touch it and bully the slime off his platform itch link I dunno how much I'll continue to mess with the platformer. I need to tidy it up but overall I'm not fussed with making a platformer right now so anything I can learn here I can start learning in a different game, ya know? Sure I can add upgrades but I could make upgrades n stuff in snake or pong or whatever. (I would like to make cave story guns tho when I learn attacks)