"Hey what happened to day 3 and 4?" Tummy ache disease followed by sleeping through half of yesterday. Ooops. Ah well that's health baby. Numbering these will not last long (It's a flawed system!!)(I will probably stop after today)

BUT TODAY, I'M FEELING STRONGER, NOT MAX POWER, BUT STRONGER! I'm playing DDR again! On easy modo! Because I need to accept I'm weak and floppy and need to play on baby modes until the day I'm truly strong. Any movement is good, because god knows I haven't been going on daily walks for non-mail reasons lately. I've been feeling very shut in ughhh don't wanna go ouuuut lately so this is something I can do between work for 5 minutes every lil bit to keep my blood flowing hell yeah.

I tried this with beat saber the other day, but god damn the Quest 1 is sooooo heavy on the front of your head. It's just not good for pick up and play for 10 minutes gameplay. I need as little friction as possible between me and exercise so now that DDR is setup again I shouldn't have any issues jumping on it for 3 songs and peacing out til next session in an hourish.

Anyways!! I finally got up to creative stuff today!

As mentioned the other week Brackeys came back and launched his Godot series. Finally someone explained this in a way where it all clicks. I heard Brackeys was like Unity jesus but holy shit yeah I get it, I get the basics of Godot now. The basics are firmly within my grasp. I was literally a step before jumping back into Game Maker before his video dropped and elucidated me. Yahoo!!!

Anyways I haven't spent an extreme amount of time with Godot since doing his first video tutorial, so I've spent a lil bit of time seeing what I could remake from it from memory(only checking back if super needed). And I'm doing pretty good! A few checks here n there, but overall, I get it! And I'm making new stuff!

The first thing I did new was utilize the base method he had for making moving enemies into making moving platforms, expanding on it to make sure it didn't trigger when hitting the player/other moving platforms. In his video he made moving platforms utilizing the animation player function which is really damn cool! But not very scalable for something you'll probably be using and fiddling with so much, so this one uses hidden triggers to tell it to reverse whatever direction it's bouncing.

Today I spent my time making coin blocks. I realized I had most of how to do it in my brain, and figuring out the missing 20% shouldn't be too hard. And god damn I'm impressed, I pulled it off! You got a block that spawns coins when hit from below! It only spawns them once! The block has a lil animation the first time you hit it right too! My main issue is that you have to hit it from majority centered to have it spawn the coin, but ya know what, I'll take it! Yahoo!

Anyways if you wanna see what I've accomplished (the art is the CC0 stuff Brackeys included with his video) you can touch it here, it plays in browser! (But most likely not mobile, sowwy!)

It's like, barely anything, but I'm really proud of the progress I'm making with Godot so far. It feels really good to finally have a real foundation forming under me, ya know?