I stopped blogging the moment I stopped being mentally ill whoopsies.

Now I just fish in FF14... I'm taking a small comm break to vibe, catch up on etsy orders, and tidy up my apartment

Brackeys also has returned and started a Godot tutorial series. I never watched his stuff back in the day but he was like the Unity tutorial god from what I understand. Going through this like Godot 101 video I understand though. He makes it fucking easy. I keep picking up godot and putting it down because it never clicked, but damn it clicking now.

I still have the issue of "I have no end goal for learning this so I kinda flounder after a while" but ah well, I'll chip away at it however long my brain will let me.

I enjoyed trying to remake rpg maker games in game maker back in the day though, I wouldn't mind aiming towards that once I learn more though!

Anyways if you see Darren Cross of Lamia fishing, gimme a widdle wave!!! Catboys be fishing!!!