So a big change I made this year was I set up a new work desk, and started working there instead of at my computer.

My computer desk to narrow, and of course my computer stuff takes up like a third of the area so it's a bit cramped! But it's comfy, so I've worked there forever.

Late last year I got a new desk that is much wider uhhhh horizontally?? If that makes sense. I barely got it to fit in behind my main desk, so it wasn't a big disruption to my living space. To preface this bit, I'm just changing up for a widdle bit before going back but....

I'm moving my sewing machine back to my old desk for a bit!!! I'm a bit lonely right now with it over there!! One of my favorite things is to work while I hang out with buds n watch them play games, but I can't do that over there away from my computer!! So I'm moving back for a bit! (I kinda wanna get a second sewing machine but that's such a stupid expense for this lmao)

My friend has been slam jamming his way through FF14 and is in shadowbringers and I wanna watch! I wanna hang out and re-enjoy the best that modern final fantasy has to offer!! So, temporarily, goodbye my new big desk which I'll keep using I am retreating to old faithful desk that has my computer full of friends inside it!!